One Person

Time Working days Holidays
2 minutes 33 EUR 37 EUR
4 minutes 53 EUR 61 EUR
6 minutes 73 EUR 85 EUR
8 minutes 93 EUR 109 EUR
10 minutes 113 EUR 133 EUR
Every next minute +10 EUR +12 EUR

Group Flights

Time Working days Holidays
For Families 8 min 106 EUR 120 EUR
For Friends 20 min 280 EUR 315 EUR

Price includes

  • Safety instruction before flight – so You can fully enjoy the flight
    • Special equipment rental – flying suit, helmet, googles, gloves and aerplugs
    • Strecth before the flight and flight
    • Instructors performance
    • Instructors advice for You to fly better
    • Certificate of flying


  • All kids up to age of 12, invalids,  people from age of 60 get discount for flight – 40%
    • School children and students get 10% discount
    • Thursday – day for couples –One person from a couple flies and pays for 4 minutes long flight and the other gets 2 minutes for free!


    For few Lats You can have professional photos of Your flight.
    Do not forget to take Your own memory card. If You miss it, we can help for LVL 5 You will get one from AERODIUM.


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